How to Render Lardon – Crunchy Pork Lard Crackling Recipe

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Let me get this straight, it is confusing – lard, lardon, pork crackling, crunchy pork fats? Here is what they stand for; lard is the liquid fats of animal fats, lardon is a cube or strip of pork fats, pork crackling has the same meaning as crunchy pork fats, and they both means rendered pork lardon that is crispy and crunchy.

Why the variation of the terms? Well, it is just most local Malaysian would call them pork crackling or crunchy pork fats, but I will have to briefly clarify this, so if you are not from Malaysia could understand the context I am about to explain next.

Make lardon recipe 猪油渣, 猪油

Homemade Pork Lardon that does not stench but stays crunchy? Read on!

Often I heard from people saying that the lardon they made has some weird smell, somewhat stench very quickly. Well, in how to make a lardon guide, I will be sharing how my dad’s Chef Keong used to render his lardon as well as making crunchy pork crackling that his customer absolutely loves them!

Well back in the days when my dad still running his restaurant, very often guests will come walking to the kitchen with a bowl on their hands, a little shy-ish, and would say, “Hey, can I have some pork crackling?”

I was not knowing why do they like our pork crackling so much. As time passes, I come to notice that indeed many out there are not making this simple pork lard right.

Secrets to Making the Best Lardon and Pork Crackling!

To render a good lardon, you will need good quality fats, be it pork, chicken, beef, or any other animal fats. The selection of parts of fats is actually rather important. There are always two types of fats;

  1. One type does not melt away when you render them
  2. The other type where most of it will melt away when we render them.

If the wrong part of fats is used, the lard will end up looking bad, reduces in size, and lastly they do stench. Below is a picture to briefly illustrate the type of fats.


pork lard render fats

Best Method in Rendering Lardon for Best Pork Lard

After all these years of tasting, testing, and observing, the best method to render pork fat which will give you aromatic pork lard, as well as crunchy pork lardon, is;

  1. Select the right part of fats,
  2. Blanch them to remove the stench also to keep them in shape,
  3. Cut them into cubes,
  4. Render them until  you fully remove all the water content,
  5. Add some aromatic root vegetables.

Check out the recipe below to find out what root vegetables to add!


Pork lard has been used in Chinese Cuisine for many years. In traditional Chinese Cuisine, pork lard is one of the common fats used. Even in current times, you could easily find pork lard in almost every household in China. The pungent aromatic flavor from pork lard brings back a lot of old memories, pork lard mixes white rice, or a plate or pork lard mix noodles. So simple yet so good. However, not everyone knows the important secret to make good pork lard that would not stench even after you keep it for a month and the killer is the crunchy pork fat cracklings! Here is how my dad made them and today I am sharing it with you guys!

Source  :  Alibaba  |  Westlock  

Homemade Pork Lard with Crunchy Pork Cracklings!

Make lardon recipe 猪油渣, 猪油
Ethan Wong
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The important thing to take note to render good pork lard is to buy fresh pork fats! Talk to your local butcher and make sure to tell him that you needed the pork fats suitable to render lard.
准备时间 10 分钟
烹饪时间 20 分钟
总时间 30 分钟
餐点 Condiments, Side Dish
难度 简单
份量 1 (200 gram±)


  • 500 Pork Fats
  • 2 knob Ginger (with skin on and crushed)


  • 清洗并修剪掉脂肪上的肉质。
  • 氽烫5分钟后,再将猪肉的脂肪放入锅中。
  • 将焯过的猪油冲洗干净,直到可以用手处理。
  • 将猪油切成1厘米的方块。
  • 用煎锅,用大火煎炸猪肉油。
  • 偶尔搅拌一下,防止烫伤。
  • 当脂肪开始乳化成猪油时,加入碎生姜。
  • 当脂肪开始变成棕色时,将火力降至小火,再将其转为小火。
  • 继续翻炒,直到猪油完全变成金黄色,猪油不再起泡。
  • If you have any left over pork lard, add them in at this step.
  • Otherwise skip and go to step number (11).
  • 关火,将生姜去掉。
  • 将猪肉猪油与脂肪饼干一起放入容器中,与脂肪饼干一起放入容器中。





卡路里 : 1727kcal碳水化合物 : 1蛋白 : 1脂肪 : 195饱和脂肪 : 75Cholesterol : 180毫克钠 : 1毫克糖 : 1
过敏 :
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