Keong Kee Restaurant (强记面食)- A Sang Har Mee Legacy to be told

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I am Ethan Wong, Ah Keong (阿强) aka Chef Keong’s son, youngest to be specific, I have always wonder how did all these started, his life career, his legacy. Therefore, this post was dedicated to his lifework – History of Keong Kee Restaurant (强记面食), famously known as 强记大树头 or 强记生虾面 (Keong Kee Sang Har Mee)

CLARIFICATION : This article was meant to briefly introduces and clarify his culinary journey in the restaurant line with the important events that had occurred through his service in the industry. This article was written based on the Chef’s true life event, with permission given to his youngest son, Ethan Wong (to some, I am known as Ah Hoe) to edit, codified, compose, compile, publish and use all the photo(s) and material(s) related to this article.

One evening during a regular day, I asked my father if he still remember the opening date of his first stall back in the 1980s. Immediately, he replied, 1982. Of what day and month?, I asked. 1982 August 6th, he answered. This clearly indicated that his career was all his blood and sweats. Did you took any pictures during your opening day?, again I asked. Swiftly he stood up and walk towards the drawer where we kept our old photos. “Not sure if they are still here son”, he said, as he took out those photo albums. Upon browsing a few of them, he recognized some of them and mumbled, “should be in here”. He then slowed down and careful browse through the album. A few moment later, he extracted a few photos from the album and showed them to me, “there you go”. Full of excitement, he explain those photos with smile on his face.

Keong Kee Restaurant 1982

Receiving flower bouquets from Family and Friends

It was evening, around 5 pm during his very first business day that his family members and friends came to show their support. Flower bouquets was sent to his stall located at the narrow Lorong Yap Ah Loy. Venturing into his own food business was never easy. He had to push his stove from the inner part of Lorong Yap Ah Loy to the front of the streets on a daily basis. However, he had his loving wife, who is also my mother who work together with him, supported him from the very beginning of his venture. During rainy days, he told me that he started off all wet from head to toe and dried off his clothing from the heat of the stove as he cook his evening off. The beginning of his career was never easy.

Despite all these obstacle, he manage to maintain his spirit for all the 32 years of service in the culinary field. What is the thing that drives him to do that? He told me, once there was someone who said to him something discouraging on his very first business day at his small humble stall. “You don’t even know how to hold the Chinese spatula and ladle properly yet, you will have your stall close in no time!”. And my father said, “It is because of what I heard back then, I tell myself, I will make it happen and I will show them that I can!” and so he embarked on his culinary journey.

Keong Kee restaurant 1982

Family and friends visiting his very first opening day

They started off with a very simple menu – noodles only. Choices of fresh water prawn, beef or pork with crispy rice vermicelli, pan fried flat rice noodle or crispy egg noodle topped off with thick Cantonese egg gravy.

Keong Kee Restaurant 1982

Chef Keong on the most right in shorts talking to his brother in law

During this period of time was when he refine his skills and cooking techniques. Many customer gave him suggestion on flavor, texture, taste and presentation. Thanks to their advises and comments that he improves his cooking skills to the best he could.

Chef Keong 1982 Main Road

Over looking the main road

For 5 consecutive years, he and his wife struggled through rain and shine with his small humble stall before saving enough to move to a shoplot at Changkat Bukit Bintang in the 1987, November. He gave his stall to his younger brother who venture off his on journey to Kow Siew Restaurant. My father told me, during that time, when they was moving to this location, my mother did not even realized she was pregnant with me.

Keong Kee Restaurant 1987

Chef Keong says this should be the opening day at Changkat Bukit Bintang – the boy is my eldest brother and the lovely kid inside the shop is my elder sister

At the end of 1988, he introduced a new menu list. Serving rice, variety of meats with different cooking style while still maintaining his best seller Cantonese noodle on the menu list. Business was doing very well and packed on every business day. There was a total of 9 in the team to operate the business. However, due to it is always busy and packed every single business day, staff started to leave the team, complaining that the other restaurants do have some relaxing day and month but not yours. At the end of 1989, from a team of 9 down to just him and his wife, leaving them with no option but to return to their original menu – Cantonese noodle.

Google map

This is how it looks like today – Photo from Google Maps (The shop was resold on 2007/2008 for RM2,500,000)

On 1990, the landlord sold the shop for RM250,000. With the new landlord wanted to refurbish the shop into travel agency, they had to relocate again. They moved a few blocks away to a corner lot on the opposite row under a huge mango tree by the road side.

Keong Kee 1900

1990 open air Keong Kee Restaurant – Open kitchen facing the main road

This period of Keong Kee Restaurant is where I remembered more of the details. Everyday was busy as usual, with them started preparing the ingredients in the morning as early as 8.00am. There was three stove, the middle one was meant to prepare gravy and the one on the right is the hot water. These two was powered by kerosene and the stove on the left was heated with charcoal. Every now and then, my father have to rush to the kerosene tank and give it a few pump then back to his stove to resume cooking. Meanwhile, he had to lift the left wok up to a corner and refill with charcoal from time to time.

Funny thing was sometime, he would be late to prepare the charcoal stove prior to his opening hours, my mother would have to inform the customer that the charcoal stove are not yet ready to be used. Those were the days with all the antique kitchen setup.

Keong Kee 1990

Chef Keong carefully prepare the ingredients

I still remember clearly that I was here playing hide and seek with my siblings, hiding in the storeroom. Sometimes we was too playful and naughty, giving troubles to Chef Keong and his wife that we got punished. Once we got tired of playing around, we would simply crawl into the compartment of the stainless steel working table and snooze off right in front of the customers.

Fast forward to 1998, we moved to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) at Jalan Tun Mohd Faud. I remember clearly that the back of our shop faced the Pasar Besar TTDI.

Keong Kee TTDI

Keong Kee Restaurant at TTDI

Business there was exceptionally well, the crowd starts at 11.00am whereas our opening hour is 11.30am. It was crowded throughout the entire lunch hours which end at 2.30pm. For a short 3 hour period, Chef Keong alone manage to pull off a whooping 250 – 300 plates of Cantonese noodle.

As my brother graduate from high school in 2000, he went forth to assist in my father’s business as he shows interest in the culinary industry.

On 2001, Chef Keong decide to moved back to Kuala Lumpur at an end lot next to an alley at Jalan Barat off Jalan Imbi due to rental increment.

Old fashioned folks they are, they did not make any announcement about their relocation. Business went from the top to the bottom. It took some time before the news spread and his regular customers flocks his restaurant “complaining” that they dearly misses his food.

Chef Keong in action

Chef Keong in action!

It was here, when Chef Keong added a few more dishes to his menu. Garlic stir fry vegetables of the day, steamed chicken and steamed fresh water fish.

Empurau Fish

Empurau Fish – part of the Kelah family was regarded as the Malaysia king of fresh water fish


Indo Tiger Fish

Indo Tiger Fish – our customer always came back for more but they are rather rare instead


Tapah Fish Catfish

Me and my father, Chef Keong taking a picture together with a Tapah Fish (This is the type of catfish that eats monkey by the river when monkey are caught off guards drinking water)

On January 2006, I enrolled in Diploma in Culinary Arts (Académie de Toulouse, France) at Taylor’s College. However, at the end of 2006 my mother was diagnose with breast cancer that I have to quit my studies and step forward to assist the business.

With me getting a hang of the daily operations, my brother decided to venture off to other local Chinese restaurant to further develop his culinary techniques and skills in early 2007.

Chef Keong has always explore and self taught the Chinese culinary techniques, mostly from watching television cooking shows though. However with his years of experience in the kitchen that he almost instantly mastered them.

Sony Ericsson K800i

Some of his combinations – picture was poorly taken due to smartphone era has just begun. I remember this was taken with Sony Ericsson K800i

Keong Kee Special

Tri Superior Layer – Steamed Egg with Soy milk, shark fin and creamy scallop

Keong Kee Special

Dual combi – his special dishes do not have any special name as he cook what he can come up with

Keong Kee Hokkien Noodle

Keong Kee Hokkien Noodle

It was on one evening, a friend of his requested him to cook a hokkien noodle and his friend really loves his version of Hokkien noodle. Chef Keong has never cook this noodle to serve any customer before. Thereafter, the words spread and we got more and more request for this noodle. However, we keep this noodle only available under certain circumstances owing to that Chef Keong’s version of Hokkien noodle are stir fry to dried to produce the unique aromatic flavors. So it is always a pain to clean the wok after each time he cooks them. Hence, many of our customer were disappointed that they weren’t able to try his version of Hokkien noodle.

Keong KKeong Kee Jalan Barat off Jalan Imbiee Jalan Barat

From left to right, my mother, Chef Keong, me and Singaporean guest (standing). We was having our lunch after closing at 2.30pm, with a Singaporean guest insisting to take a picture with us.

There was another group of Singaporean who used to come in pair and more interestingly, in their superb cars of about 6 – 7 cars in total – Lamborghini, Ferrari and Porsche, taking up the entire stretch of parking spaces in front of our shop. Usually at about 11am, they would call my mother, “Hi lady-boss, we have just cross the Malaysia-Singapore border, now at Johor Bahru. We should arrive at your restaurant around 2pm”.

Keong Kee Jalan Barat off Jalan Imbi

Seated my mother, on the left my dear sister with our staff and me in green at the back. (Didn’t know that I dabbed way before dabbing was a trend)

A few years later, the shop next door was for sell and Chef Keong brought it. Rather than paying rental, paying off bank loans is much more worth it. It took about 1 year to renovate the shop. At around 2010 – 2011, we finally moved to our newly renovated restaurant. Better services from open kitchen and ceiling fan to a closed kitchen and air conditioned. Separating the kitchen removes the smoke coming from the wok, providing an improvement service to our customer.

keong kee entrance

Entrance of air conditioned Keong Kee Restaurant. It was here my mother came up with the name 强记面食

Keong Kee Jalan Barat off Jalan Imbi

Our humble seating area of air conditioned Keong Kee Restaurant

Keong Kee Menu and price

Simple menu and price list

Chef Keong holding a fresh water patin fish (catfish)

Chef Keong holding a fresh water patin fish (catfish)

Closed kitchen of Keong Kee Restaurant

Closed kitchen of Keong Kee Restaurant

Fresh water prawn noodle with thick Cantonese eggy gravy aka Sang Har Mee

Keong Kee Restaurant all time customer’s favorite – Fresh water prawn noodle with thick Cantonese eggy gravy aka Sang Har Mee

harluk mee

The spicy version of the fresh water prawn noodle – Harluk Mee

Here he continue to improves his culinary skills and getting more request from customer to cook per-reservation dishes.

These are some of the per-reservation dishes that Chef Keong produce to served his regular customers. Some of them have been his loyal customer since the 1980s, watching all his children growing and witnessing his legacy. From a customer to a friend, many have become.

pork ribs

Pork ribs glazed with sweet and tangy sauce

Creamy Scallop

Creamy Scallop

Double boiled Cordyceps buds and Morel mushroom chicken soup

Double boiled Cordyceps buds and Morel mushroom chicken soup

Keong Kee Rich man fried rice

Rich man fried rice – RM120 per plate of luxury. Saltwater shrimps, dried scallop, dried prawn roe and Australian scallop are the main ingredients

Empurau Fish

Empurau Fish – it was fetching a price of RM500/kg

Stir fry Canadian scallop with Australian asparagus

Stir fry Canadian scallop with Australian asparagus

Shark fin

Steamed Shark fin ready to be serve with sauces

Shark fin

A finish product – shark fin topped with superior sauce


With his dear wife’s condition deteriorate, Chef Keong decided to retire from the culinary industry with the last business day on 2014 January 28th. Chef Keong dear wife passed away after battling the cancer for a decade on 2015 September 29th.

Today, on the year of 2017, as a retiree he spend most of his time at home looking after his grandchildren. He still do have a habit of waking up in the wee hours, driving through the morning traffic to meet his friends at some coffee shop around Pudu area for a glass of local hot coffee and breakfast.

Even today, sometimes we still do receive some phone calls from our customer looking to make a table reservation only to have them disappointed. There is still request from friends (customer turned friends) asking Chef Keong to serve again as they dearly misses his cooking. Chef Keong says that if I want to let it go, I will let all of it go.


This conclude the brief life event of Keong Kee Restaurant (强记面食), famously known as 强记大树头 or 强记生虾面 (Keong Kee Sang Har Mee), a legacy of Chef Keong also known as Ah Keong 阿强.


In loving memories of Mdm. Leong May Leng

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