About Ethan Wong

Ethan WongHi! I am Ethan Wong, welcome to my personal space. I’m thrilled you’re here—because I have so much I want to share with you what I love, and what I love is cooking and food! I am trully passionate about them, and I truly believe that passion is relayed back to my readers through the innovative and exciting content that I post. Explore my site, and all that I have to offer; perhaps something simple will ignite your own passions too.

To simply put, my site is about – Recipes, Cooking Guides, Food News & Reviews and Travels!


A brief story about me

I was born into a family of cooks. My culinary skills was horned before I even realized it. Having 6 solid years of working experience with my father’s renowned family business. (Read about my father’s legacy since 1982)Keong Kee Restaurant Entrance

I was then invited to Guangzhou, China as a restaurant operations adviser for a total of 2 months period. There I lead the restaurant’s team through a smooth event organized by Tourism Malaysia (Guangzhou) at Shangri-la Hotel Pazhou, Guangzhou. Later on during the year 2016, I was invited to Taipei, Taiwan as guest chef for culinary exchange.

My Village at Malaysia's Night held at Shangrila Hotel, Guangzhou

On behalf of My Village Restaurant at Malaysia’s Night event held at Shangri-la Hotel, Guangzhou organized by Tourism Malaysia

Seeming that culinary is a never ending experience, I decided to starts a simple website dedicated to food, dining and recipes! I hope you could simply benefit from my small space here at 3thanwong.com!







but he cooks for pleasure star 2

with TheStar2 team; Abirami and Raymond

I am grateful that TheStar2 had my story featured on the food column! Read about the full story here;
Food is in his blood – but he cooks for pleasure





August 1

Taipei, Taiwan ~

Currently spend most of my time here in Taipei city
April 1

Its time to move on…

Its time to move on…
I left BMS Organic’s Central Kitchen Dept. with a dream to catch!
August 1

Making a Better Planet with BMS Organics

Making a Better Planet with BMS Organics
Joined BMS Organics with their Central Kitchen team in helping the environment from food at the menu level! Developing new menu while increasing food sustainability from the plates! Happy kitchen team makes delicious food and in return satisfied environmental-aware customers!
May 6

Food is in his blood – but he cooks for pleasure

but he cooks for pleasure star 2
My recipes are featured on The Star 2! Check above to find the link to read the full story! Thank you The Star 2 for coming over. I had such a great time with Abirami and Raymond take great photos!
December 4


ethan wong
Launch my own website with the goal to share my passion!
June 6

Guest Chef at Taipei

stir fry duck breast
Invited as a Guest Chef to Taipei, Taiwan for 2 weeks.
November 1

My Village Restaurant, Guangzhou

My Village Restaurant
I was invited to My Village Restaurant, Guangzhou, China for 2 months period.
January 28

Chef Keong Retirement

Closed kitchen of Keong Kee Restaurant
It was on 2014 January 28th that Keong Kee Restaurant had our last day of honor to serve our regular patrons.
January 7

An unexpected turn…

Keong Kee Restaurant
Unfortunately, due to an unexpected event to our family member, I have to quit pursuing my studies and step forward to assist the business. That year, Keong Kee Restaurant (强记面食)was at Jalan Barat Off Jalan Imbi.
January 7

Académie de Toulouse

Prior to my SPM graduation, without hesitation I enrolled to Diploma in Culinary Arts at Taylor’s College. I was filled with excitement as the course was from Académie de Toulouse, France.  
April 7

My Hero Chef!

keong kee restaurant
I was born to and raised by a family of cooks. My culinary skills and techniques are horned before I even realized it. My father was in the restaurant line for 32 years, watching the entire operations from starts to finish throughout my entire childhood definitely shaped and impacted me in the culinary industry.