Tips for Cooking Meats

Always do remove the excess fats before cooking. Check meat for dryness, add small amount of fats or other liquid as required. For some cuts, you will need to tenderize them – use a utensil to break its fibers, enzymes (some fruits contain these enzyme; papaya, kiwifruit, fig, pineapple, to name a few) or an acidic substance; vinegar, yogurt, cider, wine, beer, citrus or juices. Here are some of the technique for cooking meats. (Also read about how to store your meat!)


roast ribs

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Cooking the meat in an oven or a closed barbecue. Excellent for tender roasts, thick meat cuts and poultry. Usually meats are place in an oven or rotisserie grill, do place a container underneath to collect the juices! To make sauce base, mirepoix, trimmings or bone can be place underneath the meat. Lightly season the base. Roasting temperature vary on the cut of the meat and also the thickness. However, it is best cooked slowly at 325° F. Once it is cooked, let the meat rest for 5-15 minutes before serving.

Broiling (oven) or Grilling (barbecue)

grill meat

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Where meats are cooked under the broiler or an oven or on the barbecue. Great for tender cuts and poultry also cuts with fats surrounding it. Tenderize the meat if necessary. High heat is required for this method. If you are using an oven, leave the door slightly open and for barbecue, do not cover. Do let your meat rest for awhile before serving so the juices settle evenly.


Great for cuts that is tender or tenderized steaks, ground meat and poultry. Use a  thick pan for a better heat retention and heat distribution, cast iron pan (know more about cast iron pan here) would be the best choice. Uncovered and starts off with high heat before switching to medium heat, so that the meat does not stick to the pan. Turn the meat as necessary.


braise meat

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Cooking meat at low temperature and with wet heat. Good method for semitender and tougher cuts. Can be cooked over low heat or in the oven at 325° F. Once the meat is done, remove the excessive oil then reduce the gravy before serving.


poach chicken

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Uses more liquid compare to braising. Which do great for tougher cut of meat. Before poaching, for cutlet of meats, saute the meat on all sides over high heats and drain the oil. Immerse meats in a simmering liquid (can be broth or stock). Simmer gently until meat reaches desired tenderness.

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