Sichuan Twice Cooked Pork Recipe – Hui Guo Rou 四川回锅肉秘方

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Why Is It Called Twice Cooked Pork? Watch The Video to Find Out

Twice Cooked Pork known to some as double cooked pork, a Sichuan delicacy. Most of Sichuan dishes are packed with intense hotness due to the amount of chili used. This boiled pork and then stir fried dish are least hot compared to most of the other Sichuan dishes. To further reduce the heat of the chili, I substituted the regular green chili with green capsicum. It is a dish packed with flavors of the soybean’s aromatic. I literally fell in love with this Sichuan delicacy as soon as I tried it. Here is my version of Sichuan Hui Guo Rou – Twice Cooked Pork!
    Serve 3     |     Difficulty  Medium     |     Prep. Time 15 Min     |     Cooking Time 30 Min     |     Total Time 45 Min     |


300g Pork Belly (2 inches width)
50g Red Chili
100g Leek
1 Green Capsicum or 50g Green Chili
1 Yellow Capsicum
1 head of Garlic
1 chunk of Ginger
2 tbsp of Chili Touban Sauce/Chili Bean Sauce
1/2 tbsp of Douchi/Fermented Black Soybean
1 tsp of soy sauce
3 tbsp of cooking oil or chili oil (if you love the heat)
Salt to taste
Sugar to taste

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  1. Cut all the capsicum in half, remove seeds and cut into square of 2cm x 2cm.
  2. Cut away the top of the chili, then cut open the chili to remove all the seeds and cut into 2cm length.
  3. Remove any dried part from the leek and cut into approximately 2cm in length.
  4. Peel garlic and crush with a knife.
  5. Clean ginger of any dirts and crush with a knife.
  6. Check if pork belly could fit nicely into your boiling pot, if pork belly is too long, cut into appropriate length.

Cooking – Pork Belly (Boiling & Slicing)

  1. Bring about 2 liters of water to boil.
  2. Put pork belly into water with a chunk of ginger and add about 1 tbsp salt and 1 tbsp sugar.
  3. Boil until the pork belly is cooked.
  4. Remove pork belly from hot water and soak in cold bath until you can handle the pork belly with your hands.
  5. Strain pork belly and slice thinly, about 3-4mm per slices.

Cooking – Stir frying

  1. Make sure your pan or wok is dry, preheat 3 tbsp of cooking oil.
  2. Add crushed garlic, chili touban sauce and douchi. Roughly stir fry to aromatic fragrant.
  3. Add boiled pork belly and continue stir frying until all the sauces have mix well with the pork belly.
  4. Switch off the fire and add 1 tsp of soy sauce and then roughly stir fry.
  5. Add red chili, yellow and green capsicums and leek to the pork.
  6. Stir fry at high heat until the pork. capsicum and chili starts to crisp.
  7. Switch off the fire and test the flavor to check if it would be too salty to your personal preferences. If yes, add a pinch of sugar. Stir fry at medium heat to dissolve sugar.
  8. Remove from heat and serve on a plate.


  1. Adding a little sugar during the boiling process would slightly improve the texture of the pork fats.
  2. If you are inexperience with stir frying, as stir frying is a quick cooking method, do switch off the fire or switch to low heat from time to time to prevent overheating that would results in burn.
  3. Since no water is added, during stir frying, make sure your spatula go all the way down and kinda like scrap the bottom on each stirring to prevent any ingredients from sticking at the pan/wok that would easily causes burn.

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