Homemade Pork Lard with Crunchy Pork Cracklings! 自做完美猪油和脆脆的猪油渣

Homemade Pork Lard that doesn’t stench?

Pork lard has been used in Chinese Cuisine for many years. In traditional Chinese Cuisine, pork lard is one of the common fats used. Even in current time, you could easily find pork lard in almost every household in China. The pungent aromatic flavor from pork lard brings back a lots of old memories, pork lard mix white rice or a plate or pork lard mix noodles. So simple yet so good. However, not everyone know the important secret to make a good pork lard that would not stench even after you keep it for a month and the killer is the crunchy pork fat cracklings! Here is how my dad made them and today I am sharing it with you guys!


  • 500g of Pork Fats
  • 2 knob of ginger with skin on (crushed)


  1. Clean and trim off any meats on the fats.
  2. Blanch the pork fats for 5 minutes.
  3. Rinse blanched pork fats until can handle with hands.
  4. Cut pork fats into 1cm cubes.
  5. With a frying pan, fry pork fats over high heat.
  6. Stir occasionally to prevents burn.
  7. As the fats begin to emulsify into lard, add crushed ginger.
  8. When the fats begin to turn brown, lower the heat to low heat.
  9. Continue frying until the fats has become completely golden brown and the pork fats does not bubble anymore.
  10. If you have any left over pork lard, add them in at this step. Otherwise skip and go to step number (11).
  11. Switch off the heat and remove ginger.
  12. Transfer pork lard into a container alongside with the fats cracklings.


Lightly reheat them once in awhile to keep them fresh.

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